Emotional economy


Today, among the bulk of the news, the news that "the ban on the ordering of foreign domestic goods with the same domestic internal status of up to 1400" has amaze me over other news. In the government, the government approved the law that the calculation of the domestic and real domestic production in our country can not be measured. In fact, domestic production in many commodities in the country can not meet the needs of consumers. It is clear that the ban on all similar domestic goods can not help the country's economy, because in some cases, due to lack of real market power, there is a shortage of certain goods that has social impacts. To clarify this, I first refer to one of the most important roots of this false decision, namely the nominal and actual capacity of domestic production, in one of the recent meetings on literature. Recently, one of the manufacturers of medical equipment, which has been certified by the relevant organs of the ability to manufacture one of the medical devices at a competitive price, presented a request for a ban on the import of this product, provided that the manufacturer was able to produce very much Limited to meet the needs of 2% of the market. The manufacturer, when applying for a ban on the import of this medical product belonging to specific patients in the country, provided that his nominal capacity, which was planned to be realized within a year, would not meet the market demand and, despite the claim of having a competitive price, merely called for the creation of It was an exclusive market for itself. If agreed with the request of this manufacturer, part of the community's need for this particular medical device would face a serious problem in meeting their needs. In many manufacturing sectors, we face such issues and, as it seems, there is no comprehensive and impediment to the issue of production and imports. Under these conditions, we continue to have an alley in these topics and, after years, we do not have the right policies in place, which successful countries today are relying on knowledge of the economy. Economics is one of the social sciences that deals with the recognition and analysis of economic phenomena. Knowledge, which has become a guarantee for the life of the state and the nations today, and on the basis of any country that benefits from this knowledge, will have a greater chance of success in the global arena. The economics of economics, after many caveats that have been theoreticized and implemented - although today's struggle is still alive with different perspectives - has made a definitive conclusion that the market mechanism plays a key role in answering economic questions. has it. Since the market is formed on the basis of both supply and demand, policy making is important on this basis. A topic that has been neglected in most of the country's policy-making. According to personal knowledge, the economic equation consists of the components of import, export, domestic production and domestic consumption and its composition as follows: Import + Production Internal = Export + Intake This equation is a very simple and basic equation that shows the amount of supply in one direction and, on the other side, the amount of demand, and is one of the basic concepts of the market. Supply (import + production inside) = demand (export + domestic consumption) In the event that supply exceeds demand, we will see a shortage of goods on the market if the supply of goods is in the market and demand is more than supply. Equity of supply and demand also reflects market stability. In this context, I'm referring to an example, France is the largest importer, exporter and producer of apples in the world. This sentence is complicated in our country, but this is not the case for the French. Because apples have different flavors and colors, and France produces some apples for a variety of flavors in their country and in the world, it combines apples into a mixture of them. By revising the initial equation, we find that the secret of France's success in gaining the popularity of the tree apple is. By preserving the balance of supply and demand, the French maintain their imports and production of apples in line with consumption and exports. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that import and production are not against each other and, in a more correct way, complement each other so that they can respond to, and manage, demand in the domestic and international markets. Under the conditions of the country's policy makers, the country banned the import of all domestic goods that most countries, despite the production of some goods for the existence of a competitive market, on the one hand, and on the other hand adhere to the various tastes, adhere to this basic principle. Because the supply and demand market ensures the presence of producers and their success in the market. As the current decision of policy makers seems to have been taken regardless of the above-mentioned equation, it has hidden the other economic implications. Concepts like: 1- The necessity of creating the appropriate infrastructure for calculating the nominal and real production that is still not measurable in our country. 2- Removing the Re Export Strategy, which has been taking place due to the country's strategic orientation and profitability. 3. Unavailability of an orbital beneficiary strategy, especially in the current circumstances surrounding the cowardly US sanctions. 4. The inefficiency of the distribution system, which has always been due to the limited resources and environmental conditions, should be considered. 5. The impossibility of managing the quality demand that failure to respond to this type of demand is the suppression of qualitative demand. 6. Rise of the business climate for economic activists in Iran due to decision-making without notice. Making economic decisions, in